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How to get involved with the Palmerston North Public Sculpture Trust

The Palmerston North Sculpture Trust is a registered charitable trust dependent for all its revenue on grants, donations and sponsorships provided by its supporters, as well as an annual funding grant from the Palmerston North City Council.The Trust has been supported by a number of passionate locals who have helped the trust to get established over the years. There is a recognition of the importance sculptures give to the vitality and soul of our city, they contribute to the personality and pride in our place and they are both aesthetic and thought provoking.Our Trust invites you to share in building a legacy in Palmerston North that enriches the lives and experiences of both residents and visitors alike. We do need financial investment to allow us to continue to bring a diversity and range of artists and sculptures that add to the voyage of discovery our sculpture walk provides. Donors of the Trust are recognised and can become a part of our activities as much or as little as they choose to be.


We have different categories of donations below:

If you are interested in contributing to the Trust as a donor please contact the Chair, Simon Barnett on 021 957206 or the Secretary Sue Weterings on 027 4593233.


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