Giants Amongst Us

The seventh sculpture in the collection, GIANTS AMONGST US, by Konstantin Dimopoulos, was assembled in place and presented to the city on May 12 2012.

The site on the corners of Cuba, Taonui and George Streets is part of a re-alignment of an intersection in this regenerating area.
Two vertical forms, diagonally placed on opposite sides of the road, are composed of the artist’s characteristic clustered rods , one group 6.5 metres high, the other of 8 metres.

Vibrant red, with a gentle kinetic quality allowing the rods to move in the wind, they may be perceived as trees or rushes, reminiscent of the original native cover. Kon said, “I wanted to create a work that would bring a sense of Manawatu’s natural environment (trees and pasture) into the urban space.”

The sculptures serve as a beacon, visible at a distance both day and night, drawing people into the rejuvenated quarter.

About the Artist, Kon Dimopoulos

Kon Dimopoulos spent his childhood, student years and early practice in new Zealand where he still maintains contacts. Now living in Melbourne, he has many works in both private and public collections in New Zealand, Australia and North America. He is the recipient of numerous national and international awards.


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